Lullaby Magnesium balm & Calm Kids Inhaler Duo Pack

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Magnesium Infused balm specially formulated for children and teens plus our Calm Kids inhaler duo.  

The balm lasts approx 4 months with nightly use. 

Magnesium balm enriched with essential oils of lavender, known for therapeutic benefits including Restful Sleep, Stress and Anxiety. SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES FROM 12 MONTHS


With up to 80% of the population magnesium deficient it is important to replace this vital nutrient and one of the best ways is transdermally.  




Helps aid restful sleep

Helps maintain hormonal balance

May relieve restless leg syndrome

May help with stress, anxiety & depression

May help maintain normal blood pressure

Critical for heart health

Help assimilation of Vitamin D

Help relieve muscle spasms/cramps

Important for bone health

Helps relieve fatigue

Helps maintain muscle strength

Promotes healthy skin

Using only the finest ingredients we are proud to have formulated this wonderful natural product which includes high quality essential oils renowned for their therapeutic benefits. 


How To Use:


Apply a small amount every day preferably in the evening or before bed for optimal benefits. Can be used on arms, body or legs but for best effect try on feet and lower legs prior to bedtime (if using on feet which is one of the best areas for absorption be careful not to walk for a while as may be slightly oily). May take a few weeks to get full benefits as most people are quite magnesium deficient. Use nightly to optimize your magnesium levels. Always do a patch test.


Size: 150g Lasts for 4 months + approx as only a small amount required

Calm Kids inhaler is a blend of lavender and chamomile to calm overwhelm and stress and is handy to keep in pocket, school bag etc to use as required or in evening before bed to help relax body and mind. 



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