I recently trialled Moira's Rejuvenate and Replenish luxury Organic Body oil and my skin is amazing. I used this also on my face. I would get terrible dry skin as I suffer from a thyroid condition . My face has improved. I'd get small spots from dry skin and would see fine lines due to my dry skin all have disappeared. I have been able to put tan on evenly, as I would get dry skin on my body patches on arms and back are gone .It smells Divine also . I'm addicted and will be ordering some for myself and friends as a treat. Thank you Moira for asking me to trial your body oil . could not recommended it highly enough.

I can't recommend Moira's baby balm enough to people, it cleared up my wee boys skin within a few days and has stayed that way since! Amazing stuff & such a lovely woman to deal with, so helpful.

I having been using Pinecrest cream on my two kids with eczema now for 4 weeks and both have more or less completely clear skin now have tried every cream under the sun and none compare to your cream.

My daughter has been suffering from red patches on her lips for years and for the last week her eyelid has got irritated due to make-up being used for a school musical. We have tried many creams, lotions and steroids on her lip; nothing has ever helped. This is the result from Fri-Sun. Totally amazing, thanks very much definitely 5 stars from me.

I suffer with psoriasis on my hands and I tried almost everything and nothing worked. I contacted Moira last weekend about her top to toe soothing balm and it’s absolutely brilliant. Just after three days of using it the hacks on my hands were almost clear and getting better each time I use it. Highly recommended and it’s not expensive. Thank you Moira x

I recently developed eczema on my face, it was extremely sore and dry. The cream I was prescribed left my face on fire and I couldn’t tolerate it. So I tried the Baby Balm and am really glad I did. Within a week the redness had disappeared, and the dryness had improved considerably. This balm is really moisturising and soothing. I even use it as a lip balm, it’s actually the best lip balm I’ve tried.

Pinecrest’s cream and balm is a god send I suffered with blistering eczema on my hands and feet for 7 months , nothing I tried worked everything stung so bad it irritated the eczema and it flared up worse than ever .I had to wrap my hands and feet at night in bandages so i wouldn't scratch them. I contacted Moira and went to collect my cream and 4 days later my hands and feet were completely clear, no dry skin, no blisters, no itch and no pain. I 110% recommend u contact Moria if u have any problems she is an absolute gem xx.


The Baby Balm is amazing... My youngest two children have had bad eczema since birth. I got some balm from Moira this summer when I was home and my son has completely cleared up. Little girl’s legs had been awful recently and I used it and it’s the first thing to really work. I have tried EVERYTHING! Delighted to find something natural that works.

I bought Moira’s miracle hand cream last Friday and the results have been amazing. Thanks Moira x 


Just had the most amazing reiki/reflexology session with Moira outside in the fresh air by the water. Couldn’t recommend her enough.

I thoroughly recommend Moira. I had the reiki/reflexology combo this week and was so relaxed after ... it was like getting 8 hours of sleep. Moira is very good at explaining how it all works too, which I loved.

In just a few moments Moira makes you feel fully relaxed. She is great at her job, very knowledgeable and the reflexology works very quickly. I would definitely recommend Moira for reflexology. I can't wait to go back!

Well what can I say thank you Moira for the lovely treatment I got this morning I had won Reflexology in a competition and by God I'm glad I did... Moira made me very relaxed and comfortable for my treatment and boy did I enjoy it... This lady does more than Reflexology and Maternity & Fertility Reflexology she does Reiki, Body Massages and also Combo packages (Massage/ Reflexology) to suit all... Ladies take a day to yourself and go visit this lady I definitely will be back before the Summer is out. Thanks Again Moira xx 

I would highly recommend the reflexology with Moira, I had the best experience with my pregnancies and the reflexology! So relaxing and definitely helped with my labours !! 

Hi, I won this competition on Facebook. So I went today & got reflexology. I never had it before, but I would highly recommend it. It was so relaxing and Moira was lovely explained everything so well. I will definitely be back. Thanks for the experience.

I went today with my friend (birthday gift from another friend) and had reflexology. It was lovely. I really enjoyed it and Moira explained things as she was doing it. Very interesting and so relaxing. I would highly recommend it to every one. Great to treat your self or a gift for a friend. 

Wonderful experience, felt so good after the session In just a few moments Moira makes you feel fully relaxed. She is great at her job, very knowledgeable and the reflexology works very quickly. I would definitely recommend Moira for reflexology. I can't wait to go back!


After 5 failed fertility treatments and 3 years into it, I decided to go to Moira at Pinecrest holistic therapies for her fertility programme. Having spent 7months with her and following her treatment plan and reflexology we now have a beautiful baby boy and baby girl (twins).Moira not only is fantastic at what she does she’s now a great friend and has guided me through every step of fertility and pregnancy. I highly highly recommend her and the work she does. Thank you Moira x 

I’ve been attending Moira for over 5 years now. I started off going trying to conceive. She put me on the right track supplement and diet wise. I ended up going down the IVF route and I had a bumpy ride, but Moira was with me every step of the way keeping me calm and advising me. We now have a nearly 3 year old and I still go to Moira regularly as I find she keeps me grounded. I can whole nearly recommend Moira, it’s a fanatic experience x 

I began attending appointments for Reflexology with Moira at Pinecrest after a loss in the second trimester and then again in the first trimester. After my body had gone through so much physically & emotionally, I needed to take some time to myself and try to get my body back on track. Regular Reflexology with Moira helped to regulate my cycles, got my severe migraines under control and relaxed my body. Her knowledge on the correct foods, supplements and care was so beneficial when preparing to get pregnant as well as her lovely supportive manner throughout. When I fell pregnant I continued to attend regular appointments for the 9 months. This brought a great sense of security and reassurance. Moira is an expert when it comes to fertility and pregnancy Reflexology. She guided me throughout my pregnancy with a very healthy baby at the end of it. I’m so grateful to Moira and I highly recommend visiting Moira if you too are on a journey like I was. 

After having my baby girl, I longed for another baby and when she was a year old, we thought the time was right for number 2. But after 13 months no success, each month passed and it felt like it wasn't going to happen, then I found Moira at Pinecrest Holistic Therapies. This lady is worth her weight in gold, her knowledge, care and support is second to none. I contacted Moira about her fertility programme and from day 1 she was great. After 8 weeks on her programme I fell pregnant, continued with the programme and reflexology and had my healthy baby boy. I continued to attend Moira throughout my pregnancy and beyond. She was with me every step of the way. I am so grateful to have met her, not only did she help me get my baby boy, I also have gained a friend. I highly recommend Moira to anyone who is struggling with fertility. She certainly is an expert in her field.

I started attending Pinecrest Optimum Fertility clinic on the recommendation of a friend who was a client there and had just recently conceived. I was 39 at the time and my partner and I had been trying to become pregnant for the previous two years. I started seeing Moira in September and by the following February I had conceived naturally!! Moira is so much more than a reflexologist, she very much takes a holistic approach to fertility and is an absolute powerhouse of information on the subject. She was able to advise me on my and my partner’s diet, exercise regime, vitamins and so much more. I continued to attend Moira throughout my pregnancy and I had a very comfortable pregnancy resulting in a natural birth. We have a beautiful healthy happy baby girl now and I have no doubt that Moira at Pinecrest Reflexology and Optimum Fertility clinic played a massive role in making this happen.


Moira assisted me greatly in our pregnancy journey. After 18 months trying to conceive with constant visits to my GP, I heard about Pinecrest Optimum Fertility clinic and made an appointment in September. Moira gave me wonderful advice and with a few tweaks to my lifestyle, by November we were expecting our baby! I kept visiting Moira for sessions during pregnancy and I’m delighted to sayI’m back again expecting baby number 2! I cannot recommend Pinecrest enough to people.