Havening Techniques

The Havening Techniques is a set of revolutionary techniques which can help to permanently treat and heal traumas, anxiety, ptsd, and phobias quickly and easily. They can create positive alterations in our brain .  These techniques were researched, created and developed over a 10 year period by Dr. Ronald Ruden , an American medical doctor and neuroscientist.  Dr. Ruden's work has been hailed by his peers as one of the most significant breakthroughs ever in the field of psychology and neuroscience.  Havening Techniques are a type of pyscho sensory therapy, which applies sensory touch to produce a response (electrochemical) which literally can heal and positively alter our mind. 

Our past experiences can stay with us our entire lives, and can result in unwanted responses and emotions when we experience similar situations. These experiences may be traumatic events which can produce PTSD or the can equally be seemingly insignificant experiences that our brain has stored in a way that produces disproportionate emotional responses. Therefore when something reminds us on these events our primitive emotional response of anger, fear, anxiety can be set off.

Havening uses a way that has been found to correct the way these memories are stored in our neurology so that they can produce no further impact and other responses and symptoms can be altered positively and often completely eradicated.

Havening can be a very pleasant experience and it is important that it is carried out by or under the guidance of a fully certified Havening Techniques practitioner.


The following are just some of the areas the Havening can be used for

• Anxiety based issues
• Emotional /psycological trauma
• Fears and phobias
• Panic attacks
• Anger, 
• Self esteem. 
• Grief
• Chronic pain , illness or injury with no medical or mechanical cause
• Relationship issues and breakups
• Confidence
• Bullying
• Birth trauma
• Miscarriage

To read more about Havening Techniques, and Drs. Ron and Steven Ruden go to;

Disclaimer. It should be noted that Havening like all healing modalities has not been proven clinical trials so in this context is considered experimental.



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