Pinecrest Optimum Fertility Program




Before I explain to you the “Pinecrest Optimum Fertility Guide/Program”, let me share with you briefly why I have chosen to specialize in helping individuals and couples on their fertility journey.

I was raised as an only child, which was fine albeit a bit lonely at times (but I did develop a wonderful imagination). My parents told me at a young age that I was adopted and although they did look into adopting again, they were unsuccessful as they were just at the cut-off age for adoption.

It was only when I was older that I decided to ask my mother the question: “Why did you have to adopt?” “Why didn't you have children?” 

I remember her telling me how she had visited her doctor after they had been trying to conceive for a while, only to be dismissed with the words: “Try to relax, it might still happen”. And that was it.  No questions, no investigations, no mention of diet, no emotional support, nothing. And while yes, stress certainly can contribute to fertility issues, it left her with a sense of sadness, grief, and no one to turn to.  I often wondered if it was something quite straightforward that maybe needed attention like a nutrient deficiency.  Luckily, after a couple of years, they managed to adopt me! But I always thought how hard it was on her, and how hard it can still be on those currently trying to conceive and it is for this reason that I became motivated to learn as much as I could, to try to support individuals and couples on this sometimes difficult journey. I am delighted to have assisted several individuals and couples to date and hopefully I may help you. 


At Pinecrest Holistic Fertility and Maternity clinic, I have worked with many individuals and couples, at varying stages on their journey. Every individual and couple have their own story, but they all have the one common goal: to conceive, sustain a healthy pregnancy and have the best possible birthing experience. 

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to work with 

  • Those who have been hoping to conceive for over a year or sometimes many years.
  • Those who are going for assisted reproduction, maybe for the first time or it could be a subsequent round.
  • Those who have experienced recurrent miscarriage.
  • Those who have experienced birth trauma or other trauma and may have some lingering fear (possibly subconscious) about going forward.
  • Women who have been diagnosed with endocrine disorders, hormonal imbalance eg. thyroid dysfunction, PCOS.
  • Men who would have low sperm count, poor motility, morphology or viscosity issues.
  • Those who have just made the decision to start trying to conceive and want to be prepared both physically and emotionally.

The one thing I cannot reiterate enough to my clients and to you, is the following:

“Whatever your story, your journey, the message is the same.  Preparation is vital and can make all the difference.”

Taking that short time out (minimum 3 months) to prepare your body and your mind has a huge impact on your fertile state. You can, in those few months, start to create the conditions that bring about a much more favourable state and while neither I nor any clinic can guarantee a successful outcome, I can say to you that taking a holistic approach to preparing your body and mind can make a significant impact.


When I say “Holistic” I mean looking at the following:

  • Medical issues, previous tests and results
  • Diet/Nutrition
  • Supplements
  • Lifestyle
  • Environmental toxins (home and workplace)
  • Personal care products
  • Stress
  • Mental health (anxiety/depression, fears, trauma etc.)

This is what I do with my clients, and is what I can do here for you, depending on which package you choose.

The following are the 3 packages you can choose from to suit your personal needs (you can always upgrade) and you can forward me questions and I will do my best to answer and support you with whatever one you choose.