Fertility Optimising Package (for natural and assisted reproduction preparation)

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This includes: 

  • Fertility Guide ebook - A comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to holistically optimizing your fertility. This includes lots of information on the “do’s and don'ts”, a look at foods to include and to avoid, supplements to enhance your fertility, explanation of what toxins to look out for (both at home and work) and in your day to day products (both cleaning and personal care) which are well known to be endocrine disruptors. This also includes a list of complementary therapies and how they may help, some clients' real life stories, a delicious fertility smoothie recipe which will be a base of your nutrition optimization.
  • The Pinecrest Recipe Book is packed with delicious, easy-to-create dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between. These meals have been specifically chosen for their content but are also easily adjusted to suit you, if you prefer eg: turkey to chicken or fish,  you can adjust to your taste.  
  • A meal and shopping planner (printable) to fill in and monitor your diet to see how you are doing and where you can improve on and also the shopping list planner to take with you for your ingredients, which are all easily sourced.
  • Ovulation and Period Tracker (printable)
  • Discount code (20% off) on the Ovusense Fertility Device (the leading, highly accurate device to help both you and your doctor know exactly what is happening ie. when you are ovulating, and if you need tests ie. progesterone etc.) Will email you full details.

Also available to book online and in person in addition  fertility treatments to support you include:

  • Fertility Reflexology (in person)
  • Fertility Hypnotherapy (online or in person)
  • Havening Techniques (online and in person) 
  • Energy Healing (online and in person)
  • Fertile Body Hypnosis - (IVF/ ICSI/ DONOR) preparation for those going through assisted reproduction which works alongside stages of your treatment ie. prior to starting medication, before egg collection, before embryo transfer and again during 2 week wait (this can be done both online and in person). 


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