Before I explain to you the “Pinecrest Optimum Fertility Guide/Program”, let me share with you briefly why I have chosen to specialize in helping individuals and couples on their fertility journey.

I was raised as an only child, which was fine albeit a bit lonely at times (but I did develop a wonderful imagination). My parents told me at a young age that I was adopted and although they did look into adopting again, they were unsuccessful as they were just at the cut-off age for adoption.

It was only when I was older that I decided to ask my mother the question: “Why did you have to adopt?” “Why didn't you have children?” 

I remember her telling me how she had visited her doctor after they had been trying to conceive for a while, only to be dismissed with the words: “Try to relax, it might still happen”. And that was it.  No questions, no investigations, no mention of diet, no emotional support, nothing. And while yes, stress certainly can contribute to fertility issues, it left her with a sense of sadness, grief, and no one to turn to.  I often wondered if it was something quite straightforward that maybe needed attention like a nutrient deficiency.  Luckily, after a couple of years, they managed to adopt me! But I always thought how hard it was on her, and how hard it can still be on those currently trying to conceive and it is for this reason that I became motivated to learn as much as I could, to try to support individuals and couples on this sometimes difficult journey. I am delighted to have assisted several individuals and couples to date and hopefully I may help you. 

As a holistic fertility practitioner I have developed the Optimum Fertility Program which has seen excellent results for many of my clients. I work with many couples who vary from 20’s to mid 40’s, from those just starting to try to conceive, to couples who may be trying quite a while or those who have conceived but unfortunately miscarried, to couples receiving ART ( IVF, IUI, ICSI)

I also work with ladies with conditions such as PCOS, or men with low sperm count, poor motility etc.

After initial full intensive consultation I put together a program (min.  3 months) which is the minimum time needed to achieve "Optimum Fertile State".

Some of the treatments I use include:

• Fertility reflexology
• The Fertile Body Method 
• Hypnotherapy for fertility
• Nutrition for fertility
• Havening Techniques 
• Suppliments to enhance fertility 
• Charting cycles
• Aromatherapy massage 

For those who need ART ( IVF IUI ICSI) I have a special tailored program to work through the various stages:
• Preparation
• Pre egg retrieval
• Between retrieval amd transfer
• During the 2 week wait



The FERTILE BODY METHOD UTILISES HYPNOTHERAPY AND OTHER MIND BODY TECHNIQUES TO ENHACES A FERTILE STATE. It was created by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer for the world renowned Zita West Fertility Clinic.